Women in nuclear

Join a stellar line up of women working in nuclear in National Science week as they reveal the amazing science behind nuclear and radiological technologies that often get a bad rap (thanks Chernoby!). They want to convince you that nuclear reactors aren’t like Mr Burns’ empire powering a little old town called Springfield, and that a radioactive spider bite won’t give you the ability to fly through the city on your web.

As a chapter of the WiN Global family, WiN Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit professional association of people from all walks of life who work in various fields of nuclear technology and radiological applications; from saving lives to saving the environment.

As part of National Science Week festivities, WiN Australia members will talk rad and open the door on a conversation about the science behind nuclear and radiation. Their four-part webinar series will aim to engage the young at heart and spark interest in careers in nuclear science.

Webinar topics

Becoming ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and debunking other myths about radiation In movies, if you’re exposed to radiation you’re at a higher chance of gaining superpowers, but is this what happens in real life? Join us as we learn from a hero scientist about how radiation effects the human body and how radiation helps people in everyday life.  4pm, 17 August 2020 Register to attend

Glowing green – how green is nuclear energy?
This may come as a shock – nuclear reactors glow blue, not green! But nuclear power is green in other ways. It is the world’s second largest source of low emissions electricity generation. Join us as we talk about electricity, carbon emissions, climate change, and how today’s nuclear technology has evolved from that of the past. 4pm, Tuesday 18 August 2020 Register to attend

How nuclear can save your life and the environment
Health and the environment may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of nuclear, but after this webinar you might think differently. Join our experts to hear how they apply nuclear science and technology to deliver real-world impacts, improving the wellbeing of the planet and the people who live on it. 4pm, Thursday 20 August 2020 Register to attend

Careers in nuclear

If these first three webinars grab your attention and you want to engage more with the world of atomic science, then our final webinar is going to get you excited as you choose a pathway to be your own superhero.

Careers in nuclear – for who? YOU!
Think a career in nuclear couldn’t be for you? Chances are, jobs in nuclear and the people who do them look nothing like you imagine! Join us for this webinar to hear about the different paths into nuclear, what jobs in nuclear are really like and the many places that a career in nuclear can take you. 4pm, Wednesday 19 August 2020 Register to attend

Whether you’re a science enthusiast, climate change advocate or just plain interested in something new, we would love to see you virtually as WiN Australia, with support from Inspiring NSW, celebrates National Science Week. #WiNSciWeek