Future of meetings

CSIRO will host a Future of Meetings Symposium, a 3-day conference held entirely online from 15-17 September 2020. While aspects of the conference will be conducted live during these days, there will also be various ways for delegates to interact asynchronously before, during and after the symposium.

The Symposium organisers recognise that identifying effective ways of interacting virtually is an important topic to all at this time where live gatherings are restricted. For this resaon, they have aimed to bring together a diverse cross-section of the Australian and international community.

Their primary goal with this virtual conference is to address the topic of “the future of meetings” in a holistic, cross-disciplinary way by considering it alongside key related themes of technology, accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability, among others.

The need for moving from traditional physical meetings to some “other form” has many drivers, especially in the current global context. Questions around the impact of going totally or partially online are still open research topics and include not just technical aspects, but also social and equity considerations.

In addition, the future of meetings has very strong ties with the future of how we work, educate, collaborate and interact.

CSIRO believes that we have a unique chance at this time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re going, and ultimately, where we want to go. So the organising committee has themed the days of the conference accordingly: Today, Tomorrow, Future

Symposium chair Dr Vanessa Moss said: “We hope to bring together diverse and impactful thinking on this topic from many areas, in order to contribute meaningfully to the conversation about best practice for CSIRO, the broader Australian community and on the global stage.”

“We have therefore approached speakers with these goals in mind, and are very excited at the range of topics that will be discussed and showcased by our amazing speakers and contributors.”

As part of the conference, attendees will have the chance to participate in free workshops on a broad range of topics and live discussions.

“As well as accessing great content, this will also be a great chance to cross paths and network with people from various fields and disciplines united by these important themes, and discuss where we might be heading as a community over the coming years,” said Vanessa.

Event registration

Registration for this Symposium is *completely free* and made possible thanks to support from the CSIRO Research Office and CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. Register now by going to the official event website and clicking “Register”.

CSIRO encourages you to circulate information about the Symposium to colleagues and networks, especially if they are from different fields or backgrounds. 

Learn more about the Future of Meetings Symposium.