7 Decades in 7 Days

2020 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW. To mark this milestone, the Association will be celebrating the scientific and educational advancements that have taken place across the last 70 years during 7 Decades in 7 Days in and around National Science Week in August 2021. 

Seventy years is a long time in scientific advancement. During this time, Australia pioneered the way in cochlear implants that gave hearing to hundreds of thousands of deaf people, we have revolutionised mental health treatment, we forged the way in ultrasound technology that has had an impact on millions of people and we have driven technology that has ensured safe flight. It’s a moment to celebrate.

Behind the scientists that drive this innovation and progress for a better world were the science teachers who believed in inspiring their students, who supported them to reach further and higher and remain curious about the world in which we live.  

7 Decades in 7 Days will be an opportunity to celebrate the richness of our scientific endeavours, to explore how we as a society have engaged with, been challenged by and benefitted from scientific advancements. The Science Teachers Association for NSW has lined up a host of activities to recognise some of Australia’s great trailblazers and reflect on how we support the development and growth of pioneering thinkers.  

7 Decades in 7 Days will bring people together. The celebrations invite teachers to step out of the classroom and the labs and for families to converge in thought and space, to integrate with the arts, and for diverse communities to celebrate that which makes us great.

What’s on the program?

Recognising the scientific advancement of the traditional owners of this land, 7 Decades in 7 Days will be starting celebrations off with a cultural tour of Sydney Harbour. Across the period of National Science Week and in partnership with some of NSW’s significant cultural institutions, the Australian Museum, Taronga Zoo, Garvan Institute and the Powerhouse Museum, the week-long celebrations will showcase the advances in science and education.

Events will include exhibitions and forums on women trailblazers, panel discussions on the advances in medical sciences and environmental education, talks that encourage critical thinking about pioneering science and activities exploring the diverse environment within which we live. 

Join the celebrations

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Guest post by Jane Powles, Science Teachers Association for NSW.