NSW Innovation Districts Challenge

The third Innovation Districts Challenge has been announced, with $500,000 in seed funding available for NSW-based businesses that are researching and developing solutions to strengthen the entrepreneurship capability of NSW for a post-COVID-19 economy.

Designed to accelerate the commercialisation of research products developed by NSW universities and CSIRO, the Districts Challenge are hosted by delivery research partners and fosters increased business and academic partnerships.

The total funding pool available for each Challenge round is $500,000.

The previous two challenges looked at Health and Wellbeing and Economic Resilience, each seeding new business ventures based on research partnerships.

The third challenge has a focus on R&D solutions that strengthen the entrepreneurship capability of the State for a post-COVID-19 economy.

Proposed projects might:

  • Be scalable and research-based technology products or services
  • Help sectors pivot to high growth technology solutions
  • Strengthen Australia’s sovereign capability and local supply chains
  • Implement a sustainable and novel solution to an area in need of reform, such as aged care, food security
  • Address the workforce gap created by international closures (students, reduced migration)
  • Champion Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Who is this for

Small to medium sized enterprises that have a product or service that directly addresses the impact of COVID-19.

Learn more about the Innovation Districts Challenge including program deadlines.

Feature image courtesy of Arludo, a videogame STEM education platform that was awarded $100,000 in the second Innovation Districts Challenge on Economic Resilience.