Limit your screentime

Research shows that the more time you spend on a device, the greater risk you have of anxiety, depression, stress and even suicidal thoughts. On Thursday 5 August 2021, cognitive neurobiologist Dr Mark Williams will lead an online discussion about how and why we should limit screentime.

“Excessive screen time increases the likelihood of attention deficits, effects memory and our ability to maintain attention on a task and may result in overall decline in intelligence,” warns Mark who writes regularly about this topic and is widely sought after as a media expert commentator.

In lockdown, it’s likely that we are using devices more than ever. With kids again home from school and people working from home many of us are continuously compelled to engage with our devices for long periods throughout the day.

“We use them not only to get work and school done, but to also socialise when we’re stuck at home,” said Mark.

So what’s the answer?

“I’m not saying NO DEVICES. I’m saying, be mindful and ensure you also have device-free time. There are lots of options to help you do this and I will mention a few of them in this National Science Week talk.”

“I’ll explain why we need to be cautious and stay aware of the amount of time we’re spending on our devices and more than ever, to actively schedule time away from the screens for our children and ourselves.”

Join the conversation

All welcome to join this free online talk presented by Inspiring Australia NSW and the State Library of NSW as part of its winter series, The Science Of Us.

Event: The Science of Us: Limit your screentime
When: 11:30am to 12:30pm Thursday 5 August 2021
Cost: Free with booking via this link

Learn more about Dr Mark Williams, a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience who has worked at top Universities in Australia and overseas including MIT in the USA.

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Presented as part of The Science of Us event series curated by Jackie Randles, Manager Inspiring Australia NSW, and co-presented with the State Library of NSW.