Big Scrub Rainforest Day

Join renowned Australian biologist, environmental consultant and best-selling author Tim Low in the pub on Thursday 24 February 2022 at the 23rd annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day, Big Scrub Landcare’s four-day festival of sustainability in the Northern Rivers.

When you hear a lyrebird singing down the valley or a magpie warble in the morning, do you ever stop to think how long that song has been sung for? How many thousands of years it’s notes have been echoing through the forest?

This year Big Scrub Landcare’s annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day explores ‘the voices of the rainforest’. The Northern Rivers Science Hub has heard that clarion call and has feathered up a Science in the Pub in tribute to some of the earliest songs of our land. With renowned Australian biologist, environmental consultant and best-selling author Tim Low as conductor we will explore the origins of the voices of not just our local subtropical rainforest, but all birdsong.

Tim Low’s prizewinning book ‘Where Song Began: Australia’s Birds and How They Changed the World’ tells the story of Australia’s distinctive birds and their little-known role in global evolution. He ‘brilliantly explains how our birds came to be so extraordinary, including the large role played by the foods they consume (birds, too, are what they eat), and by our climate, soil, fire, and Australia’s legacy as a part of Gondwana.

The story of its birds, it turns out, is inseparable from the story of Australia itself, and one that continues to unfold, so much having changed in the last decade about what we know of our ancient past. This is a work that goes far beyond the birds themselves to explore the relationships between Australia’s birds and its people, and the ways in which scientific prejudice have hindered our understanding.’ (See Booktopia for more)

This event will also play host to the launch screening of Zero Emissions Byron’s first carbon drawdown champion episode ‘Biodiverse Reforestation Sequesters Carbon’ celebrating the work of local people tackling climate change through carbon sequestration. Zero Emissions Byron is committed to supporting our community to maximise the drawdown potential of our land through restoration of our native vegetation, our soils and natural carbon sinks.

About this event

When: 5.30 pm Thursday 24 February
Where: Eltham Hotel, Eltham NSW

Bookings: register for this free event via this link

A partnership between Lismore City Council and Richmond Landcare, this SciPub event will see us returning to the Eltham Hotel. It seems fitting that we raise our glasses to the rainforest from a pub in the former heart of the Big Scrub. Just 10 minutes from Lismore, the Eltham Hotel will have bar snacks and bistro open for dinner till 8pm.

With free finger food served at 5:30pm, there will be time to charge your glasses in the name of science before we fly into the science of songbirds at 6pm. This relaxed outdoor venue has plenty of space to explore ideas while staying safe. The program will allow time for food and drinks, with book sales and signings from Tim Low and free covid-safe nibbles.

About Big Scrub Landcare

Big Scrub Landcare’s mission is to restore and care for critically endangered rainforest. Founded in 1993, Big Scrub one of the largest and most successful Landcare groups in the country.