Research at Spark

The 2017 Spark Festival of Australian Startups program is now online! Inspiring Australia (NSW) is proud to have teamed up with Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and a number of universities and businesses to create a half-day forum targeting early career researchers and representatives from the startup community.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Commercialising Research event on Monday 16 October from 2 pm to discover how scientists translate cutting-edge research in a variety of settings.

Thriving economies need both blue sky and applied research.

Some research begins and doesn’t necessarily end. There’s no telling where blue sky research may lead, and the open-endedness of academia has led to some of the world’s most profound discoveries. Other research lends itself more easily to commercialisation.

Academia and business might be like chalk and cheese, but these sectors are increasingly collaborating to create new products and services, using scientific knowledge to benefit the community.

This Forum, developed in partnership with Sydney’s research community, is a chance to interact with science and engineering researchers that have founded companies and are collaborating with industries and entrepreneurs to progress exciting scitech innovations.

You’ll also discover how Australia’s researchers are collaborating with industry – both within and outside of universities and medical research environments – and how to get started on the commercialisation journey.

Register your interest

With support from Inspiring Australia (NSW), Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, CSIRO and UNSW, this Forum is free!

We welcome participation from:

  • Representatives from research-based companies
  • Research academics seeking to explore commercialisation processes
  • Research managers looking to collaborate with industries
  • Businesses owners and entrepreneurs that are interested in partnering with university researchers or acquiring research talent
  • Startup founders who would like to meet researchers and learn about emerging opportunities in science and technology.

Networking drinks and canapés will be served at the end of formal proceedings. Don’t miss this chance to meet people from diverse professional backgrounds and discover how to take advantage of the assistance available to help commercialise research knowledge.

  • Date and Time: 2:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Monday 16 October, 2017
  • Location: Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, 651-731 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007
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