Promoting science events

As event presenters across the country gear up for Australia’s national celebration of science this August, here are some tips to help you draw a crowd. The great strength of National Science Week is the hundreds of local stories and events that together build the buzz that becomes a national shout.

These tips have been developed by the National Science Week team to help you deliver a successful and well-attended event.

Register your event

Take advantage of the national publicty campaign by registering your event or activity on the National Science Week website.

Create a media release

Tell the media what you’re doing, even if you don’t need a crowd. Media coverage can help you:

  • increase event attendance
  • get key messages about your science and its value to a broader audience – including people who aren’t intending to come to your event
  • demonstrate your support for Australian science generally.

Before you start writing your media release, think about whether your event is likely to be interesting to print, radio, TV or social media: what fun, exciting and visually-interesting things are happening that could be filmed for TV or photographed for a local paper?

News media love: kids doing cool things, different perspectives on familiar objects, and contrasts—big and small.

Identify your talent

Who can talk to the media around your event? Are those people willing to be contacted and are they available to talk to journalists?

A picture speaks a thousand words

Do you have eye catching and good quality photos and videos to offer media and to use in social media? If so, mention this in your media release.

Send your media release to your local media and other communication channels, such as:

  • local newspapers, including their community events listings
  • local radio and TV stations
  • websites or blogs that are relevant for your event
  • relevant community, local government and/or business newsletters.

Send event details and media release to:

  • your local MP
  • your local mayor
  • other stakeholders.

Create an event on Facebook and push out your event details and media materials via social media!

  • Put your media release on your website, and tweet links directing people to it.
  • Tweet comments and photos as you prepare your activities.

Use these hashtags:

  • #ScienceWeek
  • And if your event is in Sydney

Resources for event holders

The National Science Week website has templates you can adapt for your activities—as well as an example of a media release for a Science Week event can be downloaded.

Resources on the National Science Week website include:

See too these articles from Inspiring Australia NSW:

Media tips from Marcus Strom and Peter Munro

National Science Week runs from the 11-19 August. Find out more at the National Science Week campaign website