Innovation action

In Sydney Science Festival, the Innovation Games returns to Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 18 August, a huge games day where the Giants versus The Swans and the Bedisloe Cup will be contested. Head to Cathy Freeman Park to meet science and technology experts, see solar cars, experience hands on activities and race the future.

Celebrate National Science Week by bringing the whole family to a fun day of entertainig science from 12-5.30 pm.

The science of speed

Test the physics of speed in a purpose built 1/4 pipe. BYO wheels and hit the Olympic Cauldron pump track with your scooter, skateboard or BMX. Be sure to catch all the airborne action of the 1/4 pipe BMX demo shows.

While expert sports commentary can help us to see into the minds of our sports heroes,  commentary from physics experts like Tom Gordon from the University of Sydney will show you the science of what they’re doing.

Not only will Tom explain how to approach a jump on a BMX track, he will show you  how many g’s you pull while doing it. From performance to parabolas, Tom’s physics cover all aspects of the BMX track.

Kick the physics out of a footy with the GWS Giants Care Partners and bust a move in Origin Energy’s people powered disco.

Get hands on

Lift-off with drone simulators, check out Space Camp with One Giant Leap and join a live video-cross to Mars Rover Experts from the USA.

Pat something spikey, slimy or scaly or be one of the first to get your hands on a controller and drive Nimbo our talking security robot.

Kids can build their own fun in the STEM playground or explore how Science is woven through ecology, art, music and astronomy.

Try the latest sports-tech with entrepreneurs of the Sydney Sports Incubator. Ride an energy-bike and see UNSW’s Sunswift Solar Cars.

innov. games-04

Learn the Science of Road Safety with the NRMA, listen carefully for frogs with Australian Museum and celebrate the world’s oldest living culture with the Murama Indigenous Youth team.

Science of Music

What is a pulsar and how can it be used in music? Can we recreate a 60’s psychedelic vibe and what’s that got to do with a Soviet spy/inventor? Is there an equation for the perfect dance move? How does a scientist write lyrics for a song?

Tom Gordon’s hilarious presentation will not only bring music to your ears, but tell you how it got there, how it’s made and what we can do with it.

Get there early

If you’re coming to Sydney Olympic Park for the Bledisloe Cup, the AFL, or just a day out, race over to The Innovation Games and ramp-up your science and tech knowledge from 12 noon to take advantage of shows running until 4 pm.

The action runs all afternoon until 5.30pm so don’t miss out! All completely FREE in Cathy Freeman Park at Sydney Olympic Park in celebration of National Science Week.

Follow @SYDOLYMPICPARK to keep up to date with the action! Find out more at The Innovation Games is a Sydney Science Festival event supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.