Build an electric vehicle

Established in 2011, the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival, is an innovative, three-stage community outreach program that seeks to transition the region from reliance on a fossil fuel transport system towards a transport network that adopts electric vehicle technology.

The ‘EVFest’ is all about thinking of sustainable transport in fun and innovative ways that support the development of electric vehicle industries in the region.

How it works

Event one is a workshop or a conference supporting and demystifying electric vehicle technology to the local community, local and state government and business in the Hunter Region. These networking initiatives have resulted in Newcastle receiving NRMA’s first set of electric vehicle charging stations in 2018.

The second event is the EV Prize and Mini EV Prize that engages with over 2000 schools in NSW. Approximately 50 to 60 teams for each of the two divisions participate to build an electric bike and/or a solar car and compete for prize money for their school.

This activity also doubles up as developing Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills in a fun and enjoyable way to students from primary to high schools. Participation in these prizes exposes students from a young age to embrace STEM education and potentially select STEM-based degrees at University leading them towards future ready career pathways.

  • The EV Prize competition engages physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering within a broader context of environmental and social challenges. It fosters the emergence of science and technology based sustainability entrepreneurs and highlights the new and exciting opportunities brought about by new fields such as nanotechnology, solid state electronics and digital communications which are the fundamental enablers of new electric vehicle and power generation technologies.

    The strong participatory nature of the event encourages members of the public to become involved through both an enjoyment of the racing spectacle, as well as through family and community connections to participating teams.

  • The Mini EV Prize to embrace primary aged members in the community in the quest for a more sustainable transport solution for the future.

Part three is the EV and Renewable Energy Show that brings together EV enthusiast, industry leaders in this field, community members, schools and exhibitors wanting to share their story or exhibit their vehicle and provide test rides in an electric vehicle and to experience how quiet these vehicle travel and feel the  quick acceleration of vehicles such as the TESLA including other affordable vehicles available on the market.

In 2019 NSW Department of Education has included the building and learning activity from the Mini EV activity as a curriculum item for years 8 and 9 students to develop STEM skills through the school system.

All welcome to join in the fun at the 2019 EVFest to learn curriculum based STEM and compete for prize money and trophies for your school.

For more information visit the Hunter Valley EV Festival website  or contact Latha Lewis:  0404 171 208.