Find your science and technology Spark

The 2019 Spark program is now live, with over 100 opportunities across New South Wales to discover the world of startups between 10 and 27 October 2019. Whether you’re just getting started, you’re going global, or just curious about the world of startups, innovation and the new digital economy, you’ll find something to light you and your team up at Spark this year including from science and technology research knowledge.

Science and technology highlights

The future of food
10am, Thursday 10 October, UTS

Would you eat algae, crickets or fake meat? From farm to market to plate, our food and food needs are changing fast at every level but it needs to change faster. Food security, technology, population growth and climate change means innovation is crucial to the future of food. Read more

How can science and technology researchers get their business off the ground?
2.30 pm Monday 14 October, Sydney Knowledge Hub, University of Sydney

Join NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte, University of Sydney Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Duncan Ivison, venture capitalists from Uniseed and Main Sequence Ventures and a panel of startup founders from research STEM backgrounds, as they discuss how to start and grow a business from university research. The panel will share insights on founding global businesses, including how to acquire the technical and business skills you need to succeed, and how to talk to investors. Discover how to access university incubators and other programs that assist STEM researchers and students to transition viable ideas into global business opportunities. Read more

The Backroads of Artificial Intelligence
Monday 14 October, I2N Hub, Williamtown

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as both a solution to intractable problems and a major challenge to social, political and economic life. Through a depiction of three global ‘scenes’, Professor Duncan McDuie-Ra from the University of Newcastle follows its uptake, exploring the mobilities of technology, its promises, and its missing geographies; and the people and places enmeshed along the way. Read more

The International Space Apps Challenge
Info day
9 am, 12 October UTS

Learn about this NASA Open Innovation Initiativean international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. NASA Space Apps Sydney is taking place on the 19-20 October 2019, where teams of technologists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs work together to develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges in earth and space using publicly available NASA data. This event is a global brainstorming session for NASA where the most appropriate solutions to challenges may be developed further. Read more

The Co-Evolution of AI and Humanity
7.30 am, Wednesday 16 October, NSW Parliament House

How will artificial intelligence (AI) evolve? How will humanity change in the process? Most of the world’s largest technology companies have declared themselves to be AI first, from Google to Amazon to Microsoft to IBM. Many governments have also declared they want to be world leaders and are pouring in billions of dollars. Join the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte with guest presenter Liesl Yearsley at the Science Research Breakfast Seminar Series. The CEO and founder of Cognea Artificial Intelligence has delivered tens of millions of interactions for Fortune 100 companies. Read more

Recycling the SMART way
6.30pm, Thursday 17 October Stanton Library

Join Rumana Hossain and Anirban Ghose from the SMaRT Centre UNSW to learn about the innovative recycling work and research being undertaken at the SMaRT Centre’s microfactory. The manufacturing industry worldwide will face intense challenges in future, as finite supplies of raw materials dwindle and many conventional manufacturing processes will be outlawed on environmental grounds. The good news is that, as all scientists know, every problem contains an opportunity. Read more

Delivering smart products
10am, Tuesday 22 October, Bellavista

Most people developing their first smart product don’t appreciate the principles of human-centred design, creating embedded electronics that comply with the myriad of regulations, software engineering principles for robust software and apps, and manufacturing printed circuit boards at volume cost-effectively, This seminar is an opportunity for product developers to understand the practicalities of how to design and manufacture a smart device, ready for global distribution. It includes a site tour of state-of-the-art surface-mount electronics manufacturing facilities.  Read more

Innovation in Global Health
2 pm, Thursday 24 October 2019, The George Institute for Global Health

Healthcare around the world is changing. Improvements in technology, diagnostics and treatments mean that people around the world are living longer, healthier lives. But injury and non-communicable diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease still make up 70% of death and disability worldwide. Join The George Institute for Global Health and Genovate to explore the impact that innovation and social entrepreneurship can have on healthcare around the world. Read more

Sydney Hardware Day
9 am, Saturday 26 October, INCUBATE Hub, University of Sydney

Calling all Hardware founders, funders and friends. This half day event has something for everyone!  Learn how to launch a Product:  From Bootstrapping to Made to Order (and everything in-between). Discover some cool innovations and have some fun with a group challenge to ideate and inspire creativity. Read more

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