AI roadmap released

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will build new industries and transform existing ones, unlock new jobs, and tackle national issues according to a new report developed by CSIRO’s Data61. The report outlines opportunities for AI to solve some of Australia’s biggest national challenges and its potential to provide significant social, economic and environmental benefits.

Areas where Australia is well positioned to use AI technologies to transform existing industries and build new ones include:

  • Health, aged care and disability service – to reduce healthcare costs, improve wellbeing and make quality aged care accessible for all Australians;
  • Towns, cities and infrastructure – to improve the safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of the built environment; and
  • Natural resource management – to enhance our natural resource management, reduce the costs and improve the productivity of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and environmental management.

The report suggests several areas where Australia needs to focus to advance the development and adoption of AI technologies in Australia. These include skills, infrastructure, research, regulation and data governance.

The AI roadmap is the outcome of extensive consultation workshops across the country and guidance from a steering committee of experts from industry, academia and government. It follows the recent release of the Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework, which sets out eight key principles to guide organisations developing or adopting artificial intelligence technologies in Australia.

Read the AI roadmap, a discussion paper prepared by CSIRO’s Data61 intended to help guide future investment in AI and machine learning.