Science with apps

In a digital world, one of the most difficult things for kids to learn is science. That’s because science involves hands-on activities that are usually messy or risky when unsupervised. You may think science is best taught in safe and controlled environments like labs, under the watchful eye of trained teachers. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone, including science teachers and parents alike, to think outside the lab and explore new ways for students to learn science effectively.

Mess-free science at home

At Arludo, we develop educational science apps and run YouTube Live Q&A sessions with scientists so students can learn collaboratively from… anywhere!

We use our own library of twenty-five purpose-built apps, all free to download on the App Store and Google Play, to facilitate learning in a way that students find highly engaging and immersive. And, luckily for parents, there’s no need to waste any cooking ingredients or create any needless mess around the house!

Learning through gaming

Being gamers at heart, our app library features a range of educational games and exciting technologies. For example, in ‘Reservoir Crabs,’ students take measurements of augmented reality crabs and form hypotheses about which crabs will likely win various contests. They then watch the crabs fight and explore, with the help of their scientist facilitators, why they may have been right or wrong.

Via media they already understand and enjoy (mobile games and YouTube), they develop their knowledge of scientific principles and theories as well as build a range of 21st century skills.

Brand new Term 2 program

In addition to our free app library, we host regular free YouTube Live shows so students everywhere can access our unique approach to science education. However, the best way to experience the full educational power of our apps is through our Term 2 virtual science program: Ingenious by Arludo.

This is an 8-week extracurricular program for primary students held entirely online thanks to: our apps, YouTube Live and our learning management system, Open Learning.

Our inaugural virtual program launches on May 13 and costs $100 in total; a special price to celebrate our launch in an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Being a registered provider for the NSW government’s Creative Kids program, NSW parents can redeem their voucher with us and recover the whole cost of the program!

Get involved

Interested in joining our Term 2 program? If you would like to enrol your child (or your students), head over to the Ingenious by Arludo webpage now – enrolments are open and rolling in from across NSW!

Just want to keep in touch? You can subscribe to our emails here, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. Feel free to contact me directly at with any questions or feedback. We’re so excited to reach students everywhere with our new approach to science at home. I Look forward to meeting you online soon!

Guest post by A/Prof Michael Kasumovic, an evolutionary biologist and founder of Arludo.