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Breathing underwater using a bell? Rowing a boat, but underwater? Saving lives with a sea sponge and poisonous snails?  Deep sea oil platforms and sunken ships the key to saving the ocean’s diversity? In National Science Week, a new podcast series will canvass these topics and more!

Join Melanie De Gioia and Rachel Brittliff from the podcast Idea Evolution for a five-day deep dive into the mysteries of the ocean. During Science Week, Idea Evolution’s podcast series Innovation at Sea will take listeners on a journey to discover the origins and evolution of inventions of the deep blue. 

This includes discovering the evolution of scuba equipment and submarines through to how scientists are using marine life to create new treatments for illnesses.

Each episode will be presented in a fun format to engage primary school aged kids and their families. Listeners will get a chance to explore our interaction with the oceans, how we’ve evolved our understanding of the mysteries of the deep and marvel at the innovations and technologies that are being used to preserve and restore what has been destroyed by our ignorance.

Episodes are 15 to 20 minutes long and will stimulate thoughtful discussions about both the role of innovation and scientific discovery, as well as the opportunities to do those things with the environment at the forefront of the process.

The podcast series will be available for download during National Science Week, enabling community members to explore an aspect of Innovation at Sea.

Please join us from Monday 17 August as we spend the week delving into Innovation at Sea. Each episode will be FREELY AVAILABLE on all podcasting apps, or visit our website

Podcast topics

Innovation at Sea – UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Sea

Innovation at Sea – Submarines

Innovation at Sea – Reefs

Innovation at Sea – Medicine

Innovation at Sea – SCUBAInnovation at Sea – SCUBA

Don’t miss these five exciting days of fascinating insights on your favourite podcasting platform during Science Week.

This initiative received support form Inspiring Australia NSW as part of National Science Week.