Girls Day Out in STEM

Coming to you from regional Australia, Girls Day Out in STEM 2020 will be held on Sunday 16 August and welcomes girls aged 10 -14 years. Eureka Explorers and Charles Sturt University have partnered to create a fun, carnival like day, full of interactive learning experiences with industry leaders in STEM.

“There is something for everyone in all four STEM areas. This year we have some new quirky ideas combining concepts together such as engineering and rock bands and chemistry and hairdressing 101,” said Eureka Explorers Managing Director Petriea Skitek.

“All lots of fun that the girls can deep dive into to practise their skill building abilities and work alongside to develop new friendships. Also they can connect to STEM mentors.”

“I have even heard some young girls are getting together with friends for a Girls Day Out in STEM 2020 online house party. We know that they are going to be doing the correct social distancing rules!”

Throughout the day, the girls will have the opportunity to do book signings with authors such as Cristy Burne and her newest STEM book hot off the press, Lisa Harvey-Smith’s Astrophysics books and Careers with STEM magazines.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen has a wonderful series of STEM books including her latest book for parents: 5 Things You Can Do to Engage Girls in STEM.

Cristy, Lisa and Jenine each have developed a masterclass too in their respective fields and are waiting to welcome you.

Says Cristy:“ I’m a science writer and children’s author, and whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction, I’m focused on inspiring each of us to play an active part in our world. Girls Day Out in STEM does just that, which is why  I’m thrilled to be part of it, helping to empower our next generation of science-savvy citizens.”

There are activations and competitions such as Coding Camp prizes thanks to Westpac and Australia Coding Academy, Priceline goodies and so much more.

And there will be a first: a mentoring meet and greet session called STEMinutes, proudly presented by Thoughtexchange software that is new to Australia. The girls can ask questions online and answers will be fielded from virtual participants.

This year’s National Science Week’s theme is Deep Blue. So come channel your inner mermaid with an online tutorial of funky hair and makeup makeovers while discovering the latest in cupcake sea themed decorating. The entertainment overflows to close on a high note with a DJ playlist and virtual confetti!

“We want to capture, celebrate and champion girls’ attributes and encourage their feminine innovations. Our future needs woman researchers, innovators and scientists in the STEM space,” adds Petriea who is also the online event coordinator.

Join this FREE girls in STEM carnival from far and wide!

Girls Day Out in STEM 2020 is on Sunday, August 16, 2020. Learn more at