Get to know academic researchers

Sydney’s universities have developed dozens of engaging online #scienceweek events and experiences that connect top researchers to the community. Among them are a series of live FBi Radio music performances based on scientific research, practical initiatives to help community members take personal climate change action, new platforms that deliver science education via gaming, a house party to which everyone is invited at Dr Karl’s place, podcasts, live panel discussions, researcher talks, citizen science opportunities and more.


UNSW events showcase the latest global developments in science, technology and engineering and celebrate scientists’ contributions to the world of knowledge. Learn how better eating can contribute to a healthier world, how we can remove politics from climate change, the mission to discover life outside our solar system and how videogames can spread science and what it takes to commercialise research knowledge.

A highlight includes The World According to Physics with world-renowned scientist and science communicator Jim Al-Khalili who will reveal what we know about the laws of the universe and what we still need to discover.

See too the new podcast series The Deep Blue On My Door Step, hosted by coral biologist Associate Professor Tracy Ainsworth, #BatteryLow, where you can engage with scientists using videogames to spark interest in science and Maximising Research Impact, a virtual forum that explores how to take the next steps to realise and implement scientific breakthroughs.

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The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney kicks off National Science Week with Dr Karl’s House Party streamed live into your loungeroom on Mon 17 August. The scientific celebrations continue with a host of virtual tours, online events, DIY science and more.

Highlights include Live from the Lab broadcasting on FBi Radio each weekday morning of National Science Week at 8.15am, and a live-streamed panel discussion followed by a mini hackathon where you can find out more about the E$$ENTIAL MEDICINE$ citizen science project.

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UTS celebrates #scienceweek as sponsor of Soapbox Science Sydney and a proud University Partner for the Sydney Science Trail produced by the Australian Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Don’t miss the flagship ‘Science in Focus’ event with Young Henry’s Brewery: Beer & Algae: Brewing A Greener Future where you go on a virtual tour of the brewery and discover how it incorporates algae into craft beer. 

Also on offer are livestream panel discussions, on-demand Behind the Scenes Lab Tours, a UTS Big Science Quiz, Forensics Workshops and a new Day in the Life of a Scientist vlog and blogs.

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Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University will present new, biology-inspired technology used to solve the extra-terrestrial problem of tracking space junk, using neuromorphic sensors. Medical experts will discuss the benefits of herbal medicine, physical exercise and lifestyle improvement, including tai-chi to improve heart health and how to maintain brain health when aging.

Highlights include demonstrations on how music and maths are intertwined, coupled with a zoological discussion focussing on turtles and wombats. Younger audiences will be inspired by the self-playing pin-ball machine!

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Macquarie University

In addition to being a University Partner for the Sydney Science Trail produced by the Australian Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Macquarie University presents the celebrated Indigenous Science Experience, this year online,  showcasing a wide range of Indigenous and Western science presented by Indigenous secondary students, Elders and community members and science outreach providers.

Another highlight includes the Climate Action Panel hosted by Lee Constable and produced by Earth scientist Dr. Kate Selway around the theme of personal action for environmental sustainability.

See too the brand new, microbiology-themed series of podcasts called Getting to Know Your Friendly Neighbourhood Microbiologist where listeners join researchers on a microscopic journey with host Dr. Lucie Semenec, producer Dr. Amy Cain from Macquarie University and social media producer Dr. Hugh Goold.

More ways to connect with researchers

In addition to these flagship university events, there will be dozens more opportunities to meet hundreds of researchers from across the STEM disciplines. Find out what they do and why it matters in the Sydney Science Trail, in our suite of virtual regional events and in three new podcast series, each supported by Inspiring Australia NSW as part of National Science Week 2020. See more #scienceweek NSW highlights here.

Feature image courtesy of Soapox Science Sydney. National Science Week runs from 15 – 23 August 2020 and is an initiative of Inspiring Australia, the national strategy for public engagement in science, technology and innovation. Browse more events at and learn more about Inspiring Australia NSW